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Your Steak Cooking Chart

Filet Mignons will take 30 seconds to 1 minute less time.

The cooking times below are for fully thawed steaks.

The Steak Cooking Chart is based on Grilling with Charcoal. When using a Gas Grill, you can use the chart below as a guide. You may want to consult the owner's manual that came with you grill as well.

Please remember that the test kitchen equipment may vary considerably from yours in the amount of heat produced and the best distance of meat from the heat source.

ChartRed Hot CharcoalPreheated oven broiler
2" - 3" from heat source
ThicknessDonenessFirst SideAfter TurningFirst SideAfter Turning
3/4"Rare4 Minutes2 Minutes5 Minutes4 Minutes
Medium5 Minutes3 Minutes7 Minutes5 Minutes
Well7 Minutes5 Minutes10 Minutes8 Minutes
1"Rare5 Minutes3 Minutes6 Minutes5 Minutes
Medium6 Minutes4 Minutes8 Minutes6 Minutes
Well8 Minutes6 Minutes11 Minutes9 Minutes
1 1/4"Rare5 Minutes4 Minutes7 Minutes5 Minutes
Medium7 Minutes5 Minutes8 Minutes7 Minutes
Well9 Minutes7 Minutes12 Minutes10 Minutes
1 1/2"Rare6 Minutes4 Minutes7 Minutes6 Minutes
Medium7 Minutes6 Minutes9 Minutes7 Minutes
Well10 Minutes8 Minutes13 Minutes11 Minutes
1 3/4"Rare7 Minutes5 Minutes8 Minutes7 Minutes
Medium8 Minutes7 Minutes9 Minutes8 Minutes
Well11 Minutes9 Minutes14 Minutes12 Minutes

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