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Potato Cod Fillet


Size: 4.4lb

Discover a unique twist with Familifoods' Potato Cod Fillet—a culinary fusion where premium cod meets a flavorful potato coating. Oven-ready and expertly crafted, this fillet promises a delightful combination of textures and tastes. Elevate your meals with the crispy and succulent goodness of our Potato Cod Fillet—a gourmet choice for those who appreciate the perfect balance of flaky fish and golden potatoes in their seafood indulgence.

Cod, Water, Enriched bleached wheat flour, Modified corn starch, Potato blend(dehydrated potato, Dried potato mix) potatoes, Partially hydronated soybean oil,  Salt, Whey, Salt, Disodium phosphate, Yellow corn flour, White corn flour, Egg white, Partially hydronated soybean oil, Onion powder, Vinegar, Natural flavour, Spices, Yeast, Lactic acid, Caramel colour, Paprika for colour, Pre-fried in cotton and/or canola oil. Contains: fish, wheat, soybean, milk and eggs.