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Tempura Shrimp


Size: 3.97lb

Treat your taste buds to the crispy perfection of Familifoods' Tempura Shrimp—a delightful fusion of succulent shrimp and light, crispy tempura batter. Expertly crafted and oven-ready, these shrimp promise a satisfying and convenient seafood experience. Elevate your meals with the crunchy and flavorful delight of our Tempura Shrimp—a delectable choice for those who appreciate the perfect balance of crispy coating and tender shrimp within.

Shrimp, Water, Wheat flour, Corn starch, Rice flour, Salt, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium phosphate, Potassium aluminum sulphate, Calcium phosphate, Fumaric acid, Calcium carbonate, Stearic acid, Dextrose, Modified tapioca starch, Soybean oil.