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AAA Rib Eye - 12oz.


Portions: 8 x 12oz.

Size: 6lb per box

Experience the quintessence of culinary excellence with our AAA-grade Rib Eye steak. Renowned for its opulent marbling and the tantalizing "flavor kernel" coursing through each cut, these steaks offer a decadent journey for your taste buds. As the marbling delicately melts and bathes the meat during cooking, it imparts a luscious, succulent essence reminiscent of prime rib perfection. While leaner cuts exist, it's the rich marbling that sets Rib Eyes apart, ensuring they stand as the juiciest of steaks with an irresistibly intense and savory appeal. Elevate your dining experience with the unrivaled juiciness and flavor of our AAA Rib Eye steak.


Grass-fed Beef, Grain Finished